Our Gin Bar Box / GinWhisperer tasting events are a fun way to learn more about gin.

With the gin trade booming it is the perfect way to explore some amazing new gins which have come onto the market in the last few years.

We start off with a little on the history of gin, the process of making gin, why botanicals matter and how they make a difference and then the fun bit, the tasting. We talk you through how to taste gin and how the tonic and garnish you choose can make such a dramatic difference to the taste of your G&T, The Ginwhisperer will even share his perfect serve with you!

Our events are fun and informal, entertaining you whilst giving you enough knowledge to wow your friends next time they order a gin.

We can provide tasting for private parties and at licensed premises and can work with you to choose the gins that are right for your event. Prices start from just £25 per person. If you would like to hold a tasting event please get in touch.