Simon didn't like gin. He had tried it and decided he didn't like it! He travelled on the same train from London to Birmingham every day for work and sat across from the same man every day. Luckily for them they also sat across from the Train Managers office. They both struck up quite a friendship with some of the Train Managers, so much so that a few of them suggested that if those particular managers were on the train Simon and his friend should head up to First Class and they would say they had seen their tickets.

One particular Friday, in First Class, Simon's friend said "I've had a tough week, I'm going to have a gin and tonic." "No, you're alright," Simon said, "I don't like gin". "You might as well try it, its free" said his friend. Simon came home and told me that I, Sarah, would have to try a G&T and the rest is history.

That was five years ago, Simon now has a collection of more than 300 gins from around the world and a very successful Instagram blog @ginwhisperer, showing his gin, tonic and garnish perfect serve. We've even made our own gin! After nearly 30 years working until the end for BHS in a senior role, he decided it was time to do something he loved and brought me along for the ride too.

Gin tastings are where we started out, spreading our love and knowledge of G&T's in village halls, pubs and peoples own homes. Then, after a lot of deliberation, and a move back up north to Yorkshire, came Gin Bar Box. Simon converted the box himself as you can see in the blog, and I added all the finishing touches and personalisation as that's my other job.

We would love you to get in touch so that we can share a little of our gin love with you too!